IBS Masterclass

A Practical Approach to Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome through Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

This 8-week virtual course guides participants through the often confusing world of nutrition, health, and lifestyle therapies designed to alleviate their symptoms and cultivate their own wellness. Taking an evidence-based approach, this course provides the tools needed to be empowered, inspired, and nourished on the path towards gut health.

You get unlimited on-demand access to the portal for one year.  Health information can change as researchers learn more over time so we will be adding new content and updates along the way.



This content is provided as education and does not replace the need for having a local healthcare provider to support you and provide personalized medical advice. Dr. Sarah will not be giving personalized medical advice and purchasing Nourishing the Gut does not make her your doctor in any form. Her goal is to give you the education to achieve your health goals and to facilitate conversations with your health care providers.



Due to the nature of digital content, there are no refunds for Nourishing the Gut. We will be making additions and updates as new information becomes available and our community evolves. If you have topics you would like to explore or additional questions, email us at [email protected] .

$297.00 CAD