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Nuts, Seeds, & Diverticular Disease

This Course Will Transform Your Approach to Gut Health and Managing Diverticular Disease

📘 Solid Science, Real Results: Every piece of advice and information you'll encounter is grounded in rigorous, evidence-based research. No fluff, just facts that make a difference.

🎥 Engaging Video Content: Our curated videos are not only educational but also enjoyable. These modules bring the science to life in a way that's easily digestible—pun intended!

⚙️ Succinct Yet Comprehensive: We know your time is valuable. The course is designed to be both concise and practical, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience without feeling overwhelmed.

What You Get

In this course, we'll unpack the latest scientific research to provide you with evidence-based recommendations for managing diverticular disease effectively. From debunking myths about nuts and seeds to discussing the importance of fiber, hydration, and physical activity, we'll cover all the essential aspects to help you live a healthier, more comfortable life.

Led by gastroenterologist, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine specialist, Dr. Sarah Robbins, you get access to 4 Virtual Modules.

  • Module 1: Understanding Diverticular Disease
  • Module 2: Debunking Myths: The Traditional View on Nuts and Seeds
  • Module 3: The Latest Research: A New Paradigm
  • Module 4: Lifestyle Medicine Management and Practical Tips

Bonus Content

📚 Bonus E-Book for Quick Reference: To make sure the course's key takeaways stick, you'll receive a complimentary downloadable e-book summarizing all you need to know. Perfect for quick reads or a long-term guide!