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Created by Sarah Robbins, MD, Well Sunday is a gut health resource hub that combines curated, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle learning resources with a growing community of people seeking to improve their gut health. 
With over 20 years of experience in nutrition and gastroenterology, Sarah takes complex scientific principles and transforms them into easy-to-understand, actionable advice.
Well Sunday is an educational platform designed to empower you in your health journey. We are your home for all things gut health, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine.
Well Sunday is committed to helping you cultivate your wellness and promote vibrant health.


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Meet Our Founder

Sarah Robbins, MD, MSc, FRCPC is a gastroenterologist, nutrition specialist, and founder of Well Sunday Health Corporation, an online education platform that provides cutting-edge, easy-to-digest, science-backed nutrition information to improve people’s gut health and quality of life.


Sarah’s love of food was cultivated on a ranch in Southern Alberta, where she started farming at a young age. With home-cooked, wholesome meals made with love from local ingredients, her memories of big family dinners and traditions passed down for generations set the foundation for her future as a nutrition and lifestyle specialist. Her appreciation of whole foods and a fascination with biology ignited her passion for the science of nutrition and health, and she now leverages that passion to share her knowledge and expertise with others.


Sarah received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Alberta. She went on to complete her medical training and Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology residencies at the University of Calgary.


Sarah obtained an additional clinical fellowship in Nutrition and Bariatric Medicine and served as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta. She practiced as a gastroenterologist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton and the Kelowna General Hospital. She also served as President of the Canadian Nutrition Society from 2015 to 2017.


Sarah is currently a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. While her clinical focus is now nutrition and lifestyle medicine interventions for gut health, she remains deeply committed to providing evidence-based, accessible care through health coaching, membership programs, and self-guided online courses.

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